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Stranger Things Director Talks Season 2


strangerthings4Netflix drama Stranger Things became one of the biggest television hits of the year, when it took the world by storm back in July. It is common knowledge that the cast and crew are currently in the process of creating season 2, but director Shawn Levy says that it is unlikely that any plot secrets will be revealed.

Stranger Things struck a perfect balance between modern storytelling and cinematic nostalgia, that captivated audiences in such a way, that the show has been compared to both Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad. One of the most noticeable aspects of the shows rise in popularity, was that it seemed  to gain a huge following through word of mouth, having appeared on Netflix with little warning or promotion.

Creators The Duffer Brothers are now mid way through filming season 2, which is due to air sometime in 2017. Director Shawn Levy has stated that the team hope to keep the new season as much of a secret as possible. In a recent interview he explained: “All I’m going to tell you about season two… Look, as much as people are dying to know what happened, I think the reason Stranger Things has become the phenomenon it has is because no one knew what was coming. I think there’s this delicious torture in not knowing.”

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He continued: “What I will say is, having heard the first half of the season at our table read at the end of last week, that I’m very excited even as I’m trying to tune out a lot of the news of the culture and just focus on our instincts, our actors, or…directorial instincts that brought us to this table. We want to follow the same guidelines we were following last year when we made this show that no one knew about and no one cared about. But I will say we have some very interesting ideas cooking for season two.”

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