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The Rolling Stones Rock The House In Cuba


It’s been a week of firsts in Cuba. Firstly, the President of the United States of America made a historic visit to the country. Then on Friday, The Rolling Stones played a gig in Havana; this comes after rock and pop music had been banned in the country for decades.

The communist government of Cuba had banned music that it believed to be diverse and subversive until it started to relax that ruling in the early 2000s.STONES

Things have appeared to improve in the last 18 months for Cubans as the government has sought to rebuild its relationship with the USA. With the visit from President Barack Obama, plus Friday’s concert by the Stones, it shows how far the country has come.

Mick Jagger said in the promotional video for the concert, “Time changes everything. So we’re very pleased to be here.

It would have been surprising for this to happen 10 years ago.”

The band rocked the house Friday. They played a hit filled two-hour set to a massive 450,000-strong crowd opening with “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” and closing with “Brown Sugar”.

Fans made their way to the free concert from all over the world and were not disappointed as The Stones went on to play 18 songs during the two-hour gig.

UK Tabloid The Mirror has claimed that the Stones received a letter from the Vatican asking the band to reschedule the gig, as it fell on Good Friday. The article also claims that Pope Francis had suggested that the gig begin after midnight.

For those of us that didn’t get to see the gig, check out the Stones promo video below:

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