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Lost Rolling Stones Recording Unearthed After 50 Years


Since there are thousands of bootlegs of Rolling Stones concerts, it seems unlikely that there could be any more unreleased Stones gems.

Unbelievably, a new 17-minute tape of “lost” Rolling Stones recordings was discovered gathering dust in an attic in the town of Torquay, England. stones sq

The prized cassette recording includes the previously unknown song “No One Loves You More Than Me” that was recorded by the band in 1964; the same year the Stones released their debut album.

This newly discovered piece of rock history has versions of the group’s more famous tracks including two versions of the ballad “As Tears Go By” and “Congratulations”, which was eventually released on the band’s compilation album No Stone Unturned in 1973. Other recordings on the lost tape include covers of the blues classics “Diddley Daddy”, “Roadrunner”, “Bright Lights, Big City”, “I Want To Be Loved”, and “Baby’s What’s Wrong”.

These archival recordings could have been lost forever if Jeremy Nielson had not stumbled across the tape in his attic.

Nielson was a friend of a sound engineer who had worked at London’s IBC Studios at the time, where the band had recorded the songs.

The lucky man visited the studio as a 19-year-old in 1967, and amazingly, he was allowed to take home unwanted tapes that would have otherwise have been burnt or simply thrown away.

Never listening to the tapes (and not having a clue that they included Stones songs) he threw them into a box that he stored and put away for the next five decades.

While reading Keith Richards’ autobiography, Nielson realised that the Stones recorded at the IBC Studios before they found fame.

This gave him the idea to search in his attic for the tapes he had put away all those years ago.

The owner of the tape, Mr. Nielsen, is about to put the tape up for sale at auction, and has a pre-sale estimate of £6,000.

Nielsen said: “It amazes me that I didn’t know what it was at the time because it was just being chucked away and have never thought about it for 50 years.

“The Stones weren’t popular or big at the time and I have no idea why it was still at the studio three years after it was recorded. I don’t even think the band even know it existed.

“The most amazing thing about this tape is that the quality is so clear. I’m not a big fan of the Stones but Mick Jagger’s voice does sound very good on it.

“I just want to find a good home for it, hopefully with someone who has a lot of money.”

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