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Stone Temple Pilots Are Working On Acoustic Record


Frontman for Stone Temple Pilots Jeff Gutt revealed in an interview with WRIF‘s Screamin’ Scott that the band has been working on an “acoustic record.” The album will be recorded later this year and will feature “some extra musicians and some extra parts and pieces,”. “I’m not sure how long it’s gonna be yet,” Jeff said. “We’re just getting into it, the writing of it, and we’re gonna be recording it here in little spurts, when we can. And it’s gonna be awesome, man. It’s gonna be a totally different side of STP.”

STP‘s self-titled seventh studio effort was released in March 2018 and was the band’s first with Gutt.

Asked how much freedom he had during the songwriting process for STONE TEMPLE PILOTS‘ last album, Jeff told WGRD: “It was full freedom, but I felt the responsibility of making sure it was an STP record at the end of the day. ‘Cause my whole thing was helping them continue their journey. And I feel like it was less about me; it was more about honoring [late STONE TEMPLE PILOTS singer] Scott [Weiland] and honoring [late STONE TEMPLE PILOTS and LINKIN PARK singer] Chester [Bennington] and everyone that has ever been involved in STP and making sure that it just kept going the way it should.”


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