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Steve Perry Releases a Christmas Classic


Ex Journey singer Steve Perry has released the Christmas classic “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” to end of the year in which he finally returned to music.

Perry wrote: “This has been a big year of firsts for me,” adding: “In keeping with that spirit, I thought I’d record a little Christmas card song and send it out to you to thank you for all of your kindness in welcoming me back. Have yourself a merry little Christmas. I hope you enjoy it.”

Perry returned to the spotlight with his comeback album Traces in October. This followed almost 25 years out of the public eye. With Perry singing again, it has obviously raised questions about him rejoining Journey. He shot this down by arguing that the parties had differing interests.

Perry said in September: “I don’t think that’s where I’m at right now,” adding: “It took forever for me to find the passion for music again because I felt it was kind of damaged. I thought I would never feel that love again for music, so I had to walk. Now that I’ve found that again, I have so many other songs ready to be recorded.”

He was also asked if he would tour again? He explained:  “If I do go on tour, I will certainly play a nice amount of songs from the album Traces, most certainly,” also adding: “It’s gonna be torture for me to not play the whole thing. But also, if I go on tour, you bet your ass I’ll be playing the Journey songs, because it’s a part of my life, a part of my history. I think everything will be a challenge as to what doesn’t get played.”

Check out “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” below:



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