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Squarepusher Releases Anti-Brexit Track


squarepusher1UK electronic music pioneer Tom Jenkinson (AKA Squarepusher) has released a new track this week in retaliation to Britain’s recent departure from the EU.

The track is entitled ‘MIDI sans Frontières’ (which translates to MIDI without borders) and can be downloaded for free directly from the artists website www.squarepusher.net. Accompanying the piece is an open letter written by Jenkinson explaining his thoughts about the EU referendum and reasons for composing the song.

Jenkinson states: This piece of music was written in the aftermath of the referendum and I present it as the basis of an internationalist collaboration with sound makers irrespective of what kind of music they make, where they live, their background, their age -all are invited to participate.”

He continued: “It is not offered as a substitute for progressive political action but as a complement to it. I put it forward in defiance of the bigotry threatening the fragile connections that exist between us all. I hope it will be an opportunity to reaffirm some of those connections amidst a very disturbing situation.”

Jenkinson has also made the sheet music and individual track stems available for download on his website challenging users to remix / cover / create their own versions of ‘MIDI sans Frontières’ and then resubmit them to the website to be showcased in the near future. Many remixes have already began to pop up all over youtube.

‘MIDI sans Frontières’ is Jenkinson’s first release since 2015’s ‘Damogen Furies’ and in classic Squarepusher style is both moody yet chillingly beautiful; perfectly representing an atmosphere of despair, uncertainty and isolation much of the post brexit UK are feeling.

Squarepusher is one of many musicians who have spoken out in opposition of brexit in the last week. Thom Yorke, Ellie Goulding and former Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker have all been encouraging fans to sign a petition demanding another referendum.

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