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Spotify Launch ‘Your Daily Drive’ A Commuter Playlist


If you’ve ever been stuck in traffic you’ll know what it’s like when you flick from station to station trying to find something to listen to. To combat that, tech giant’s Spotify is introducing Your Daily Drive, a new personalized playlist with your very own curated music, news and podcasts for you daily commuting purposes.

Good idea huh? Plus, it’s available for all U.S. users starting today. Its aim, as Spotify puts it, is to give commuters “a personalized audio feed that blends music and news in one place for the perfect commute experience.” Adding: “It combines music you love with relevant, timely world updates from reputable sources—all put together in a seamless and unified listening experience,”

Your Daily Drive incorporates elements of Your Daily Mix and Discover Weekly playlists with podcasts and news, this will enable users to discover new music, listen to their favorite songs, as well as news from sources that include The Wall Street Journal, NPR and PRI.

The playlist will be updated throughout the day and will feature the latest news briefs, podcast snippets, and new music selections, and yes, the concept is similar to the radio except you get to personalize it.

Check out the new Spotify Your Daily Drive here.



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