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Back On Top, Down Under


1413189733225_wps_27_Spandau_Ballet_Press_ShotWind the clock back 40 years and one of the biggest bands of the time was Spandau Ballet. Well, the boys are back and after just completing a North American tour, Spandau Ballet are now in Australia and are having the time of their lives.

Whilst most bands cut down the production of their Australian shows to cut costs, Spandau Ballet have done the opposite and have brought their full production for the gigs down under. ‘The crowds have been amazing,’ Martin Kemp tells Noise11.com.’ We’ve just done Brisbane and Sydney, absolutely amazing crowds. We’ve not scrimped on anything here. You are getting the full show’.

The Spandau set-list is another part of the show that doesn’t disappoint, including all of the hits and even some deep album cuts. ‘It is so much fun,’ says Gary Kemp. “Not just fun playing the songs but looking around and seeing your mates on stage with you. It flies by. It might feel daunted when you see the set-list but that’s the joy. There is not a song in there that we don’t like playing. We visit quite a few different areas of the band. We do a section about the blitz club which is really fun to do”.

You can feel the energy both from the band and from the audience, ‘That is exactly what the show is about,’ said Martin Kemp. ‘We know its about the audience and we are doing it for them. That’s what makes it the most incredible thing. You look out and you see 10000 people who are extremely happy. It is an amazing thing to do. When you look into the front rows and you can see people wanting to get out of their seats, that’s what its like in Australia’.

‘You are always flattered when people want to come,’ Gary says. ‘They are coming because its about them, It is not about us. It is about coming to see a band that was deeply part of their lives and there is more left in the tank’.

“In the future there could be a live album and/or DVD” said Gary. Lets hope Spandau fans don’t have to wait too long.

Story: The Rock My World team.
Photo: Scarlett Page.

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