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Soundgarden’s Vinyl Album ‘A-Sides‘ Set for Re-Release


For all of the vinyl collectors out there, and especially those have a lilt towards the whole grunge movement of the mid 90’s, we’ve got good news for you.

Soundgarden released its compilation album A-Sides on vinyl for the very first time during this year’s Record Store Day. Problem was, not all stores had copies. Well, that’s about to change as the disc will get a much bigger release on August 31st.

The A-Sides was released originally back in 1997. This followed the breaking up of the band, and in some way it was a thank you to fan we would like to think. The collection features the bands hits like “Black Hole Sun,” “Spoonman,” and of course and “Burden in My Hand.”

The band reunited 13 years after A-Sides was originally released in 2010, and even released another album called King Animal, in 2012. With another record supposedly in the works, singer Chris Cornell died in May 2017 and the band shelved the album in progress.

Check out the A-Sides vinyl track list below:

“Nothing to Say”
“Loud Love”
“Hands All Over”
“Get on the Snake”
“Jesus Christ Pose”
“Rusty Cage”
“The Day I Tried to Live”
“Black Hole Sun”
“Fell on Black Days”
“Pretty Noose”
“Burden in My Hand”
“Blow Up the Outside World”
“Ty Cobb”
“Bleed Together”

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