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Sony Unveil New Walkman… Because Ermm… Anniversary?


So it’s the walkman’s 40 year anniversary, Ok it was a big deal back in the day, but this release seems a littler “meh”. But, everyone else is talking about it so it seems like we should.

Announced at this years’ IFA conference, Sony say the Walkman NW-A105 will focus on “supreme music quality” as it boasts Hi-Res Audio and the ability to upscale compressed sound files.

To be honest we’re not quite sure why this is big news, it’s another mp3 player at the end of the day, and honestly who is still buying mp3 players? We thought phones had pretty much supplanted them back well, amusingly when Sony released it’s Walkman phones more than a decade ago.

Will it boost the quality to the point where you can notice it through your street headphones? Probably not, will it do anything your phone can’t unlikely. So, what’s it got going for it, the battery life will beat out most phones, so I suppose there’s that. Although I guess if apple keeps doing stupid things like removing headphone slots their may be a market for these again.

Oh and here’s the best bit, despite it looking like a retro Sony Walkman cassette player, it doesn’t have that functionality and it costs £400 or what we expect to be $4-500….

So yeh, something that does what your phone does for a lot of money with the core advantage being battery life? We’ll take the $20 portable charger pack thanks.


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