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Songs That Make You Go Faster


Last year it was reported that scientist had studied the affects of different music on the performance of athletes. These scientists discovered that Eminem had the greatest impact on their test subject, a professional British swimmer. They determined that listening to Eminem could make their subject swim up to 10% faster. In particular, tunes such as Lose Yourself and Without Me were shown to have a significant effect.

This got us thinking about the kinds of songs we like to listen to while in the gym, out running or doing other activities. Now, we don’t claim to have used any fancy scientific methods, but nevertheless, we have put together a list of songs that we think make us go faster while doing physical activity, here it is:

  1. Prodigy – Breathe

We seem to recall this song being mentioned in another (pseudo)-scientific study that claimed Breathe would make drivers put the pedal to the metal, though couldn’t actually find any evidence of this – let us know if you have the details! All the same, Breathe by the Prodigy is a tune to get your heart rate going. The song is intense, fast paced and dark.

  1. System of a Down – Chop Suey

SoaD are known for their fast-paced, insane, hyperactive music, so of course we had to include them on this list. If you need to run fast, perhaps from a pursuant…or maybe you’re just late for the bus, then turn up the volume and play Chop Suey. You’ll be sprinting 20% faster without even noticing it.

  1. Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train

A drunk-diver in Ohio once claimed that Ozzy Osbourne caused his erratic driving. We don’t know what song that crazy drunk was listening to but we do know that Ozzy (and Black Sabbath) are great at writing songs that make you wanna move. For this list we chose Crazy Train, but we’re open to suggestions.

  1. Linkin Park – Papercut

There is something about the fatalistic intensity of Linkin Park’s music that makes you want to move, and fast! Papercut starts out at a medium jog, but once the chorus kicks in you’ll find yourself in full sprint.

  1. Nickelback – Burn it to the Ground

While those of us here at Rock my World aren’t generally fans of these Canadian faux-rockers, when it comes to running or cycling the music these guys make can be pretty motivating. Burn it to the Ground has a solid, up-tempo beat that makes you want to move…or maybe it’s just the desire to stop listening to Nickelback that makes you complete the run so quickly…!


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