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The Greatest Songs About Presidents


With Donald Trump becoming the massive frontrunner for the Republican nomination this week, we take a look at some of the greatest songs ever written about US Presidents.

‘Bonzo Goes To Bitburg’ – The Ramones

Rumour has it that the songs lyrical representation of Ronald Reagan’s visit to a Nazi cemetery in 1985 divided not only the country but the band itself. Guitarist and Reagan supporter Johnny Ramone allegedly was far from pleased about the song being included on the bands 1986 album ‘Animal Boy’. One thing for sure is that the Ramones sure like writing songs about cemeteries.

‘Funky President’ – James Brown

Written to pay tribute to the notoriously boring  Gerald Ford, James Brown’s 1974 hit is probably the coolest song ever written about a President. Oddly, both Brown and Ford died within a day of each other.

‘He Was a Friend of Mine’ – The Byrds 

This tender 1960’s classic mourns the death of President John F. Kennedy and was included in The Byrds’ seminal 1965 album ‘Turn,Turn,Turn’. The roots of the melody and lyrics can actually be traced back as far as 1939 however this beautiful reworking is considered by many to be the best version.

‘Lets Impeach The President’ – Neil Young

Neil Young’s fantastic 2006 protest song lists all the reasons why then president George W. Bush should be thrown out of the white house. It was featured on Young’s album ‘Living with War’, and although many of the song’s contain anti-bush lyrics this is by far the most outspoken, angering many of Young’s American fans.

‘Franco Un-American’ – NOFX

The mid 2000’s was a very popular time for anti-bush records, few however ridiculed the president as much as LA punkers NOFX and their hilariously on the nose song / video ‘Franco Un-American’.

‘Line ‘Em Up’ – James Taylor

The usually soft spoken folk singer James Taylor released this indictment of Richard Nixon in 1997. The song chronicles tricky Dicky’s fall from grace and his negative impact on the USA.


Well there you have it. The only question now is which song most accurately represents the potential future president Donald Trump?

Leave us some comments with your suggestions.




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