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Some Of Rock’s Royalty Tell People To Stay At Home To Fight COVID-19


We’ve seen the headlines, and we’ve been asked to follow some pretty simple rules, yet there are still people out there that are refusing to follow the self-isolation and social distancing guidelines put in place through the globe in a serious effort to slow, and hopefully stop the spread of coronavirus.

Reaching out to the public, and fans alike, a few of rock’s biggest musicians have gone to social media to ask fans to do the right thing.

The major concern is if the virus continues to spread at its current rate, health services will be overwhelmed and therefore won’t be able to cope.

Here’s what some of the biggest musicians have to say about following the guidelines.

Paul Stanley from Kiss tweeted the following: “No people… This is NOT another flu,” adding:  “EVERYONE who has minimized the extent, ferocity and contagiousness of Covid-19 has one by one been proven WRONG. The longer you wait to take control the bigger the risk to you and more importantly the people who are trying to control this.”

The Metal God himself, Judas Priest’s Rob Halford said via a heartfelt video message: “This is when the metal community comes together, right.” Adding:  “We know what we’ve gotta do as far as keeping things clean, and it includes washing your hands as many times a day as is needed. Try and be isolated. If you go out, don’t buy everything. Don’t be a toilet paper hoarder. Don’t be a kitchen roll hoarder. We have to keep each other safe. We have to do the isolating. We have to do the quarantining — whatever we need to do. This is serious, okay? But we’re gonna get through it.” He suggested that people should “stay in touch” with each other, saying: “all of this is incredibly important. All the fear floating around… this is when we really have to kind of look out for each other and do what’s necessary and the right thing to do.”

Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue was fuming and wrote: “Went for a drive today to look around. Kinda blew my mind on how irresponsible people were being. I saw people walking in and out of a Barnes n Nobles, drove past my mall and people were walking in and out acting like nothing is wrong (Nobody was wearing latex gloves or masks). I see spring break is still on in Florida.” He continued: “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE? I will protect my family at all costs. So should you. Young people are acting so cavalier. I’ve heard people say this is inconvenient. How inconvenient is death? Please be smart. Don’t be stupid.”

Rush legend and frontman Geddy Lee was retrospective, and said that dispite him mourning the passing of his friend of drummer Neil Peart: “we must now turn our gaze to the serious virus threatening all of us on the planet – a reminder of how precious life is.” He reported he was self-isolation along with his family and concluded: “I urge you all to do the right thing… social distance, trust the science, wash your hands and we will get through this.”


We’ll end this with Sammy Hagar, who explained via video, that he’d been on lockdown for 10 days: “For once, as rockers, you’ve got to go by the rules. We’ve got to do what we’re supposed to do, and the sooner we all do it, the sooner this thing will go away and we can get back to what we really do, and that’s rock ’n’ roll… be safe. Wash your hands. Go by the rules, just for a little while. We’ll be all right.”



We couldn’t have put it any better Sammy.

Be safe out there…..


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