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The Smiths Launch A Twitter Account Fueling Reunion Rumours


Are the Smiths getting back together? Maybe not today but we got word that Warner Music set up a new Twitter band account.

As of yet the account only has one tweet, which says: “Please note this account is purely to celebrate the history and the music of The Smiths.” But, for fans, the existence of the account for a band that disbanded almost 30SMITH SQ years ago could be worth keeping an eye on.

The Smiths reunion is something fans have dreamed about since the band split in 1987, and at one point Johnny Marr told XFM in 2009: “I think we were offered 50 million dollars for three … possibly five shows.”

Giving rise to speculation that The Smiths might be considering a return, rare tracks were leaked on a fan site, which included an early demo of the track “Never Had No One Ever”.

The song appeared on the website Morrissey-solo.com and was part of the 1986 recording session for The Queen Is Dead.

Showing next month in Salford in the UK, is 30 Days of the Smiths, a sound installation by the artist Oberman Knocks that links lyrics and music of The Smiths and features interviews with Salfordians with the surname Smith by the international poet and Chancellor of the University of Salford, Jackie Kay.

It’s hard to believe that The Queen Is Dead is thirty years old. Released in June 1986 to rave reviews, the album’s cover features an image of the band taken outside Salford Lads Club. Morrissey has talked of his fondness of the Queen Is Dead image, and The Guardian recently revealed that Morrissey had sent Stephen Wright, the photographer who took the Lads Club image, a postcard. Wright responded saying, the whole day has “pleasantly haunted” him ever since. The Salford Lads Club where the picture was taken remains a tribute site for fans to this day.

Only time will tell, but with band reunions happening all the time, maybe The Smiths will be next.

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