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Slayer Go After Merchandise Bootleggers with Lawsuit


In another move to punish merchandise bootleggers, Slayer’s merchandise company, Global Merchandising Services have officially filed a federal lawsuit to go after unauthorized merch sellers. This is according to the law publication Northern California Record.

It appears that Global Merchandising Services asked local law enforcement to punish any bootleggers who try to sell bootleg merch at Slayer’s May 10th show in San Diego California.

Within the document the unauthorized sellers are described as “numerous independent unlicensed peddlers and manufacturing and distributing companies,” and have asked law enforcement to “seize and impound any and all of the merchandise.”

The lawsuit goes much further than the May 10th gig. Global Merchandising Services also stipulated that they wanted U.S. marshals, as well as any state, county or local law officials, to “seize and impound any and all of the merchandise.”

With this being Slayer’s final world tour, you can see why the bootleggers are trying to cash in one more time and why Slayer are trying to stamp out any such action taking place.

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