Slaves Take New Direction For Upcoming Record

slaves1UK punk revival band Slaves are due to release their new album in the next few months. The duo, who rose to prominence with their groundbreaking debut album ‘Are You Satisfied?’ have suggested this week, that fans may be surprised with the new musical direction of the upcoming record.

Slaves originate from Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent and formed in 2012. Within three years the duo (consisting of guitarist Laurie Vincent and vocalist / drummer Isaac Holman) had a best selling debut album and were nominated for both a BBC Sound of 2015 and a Mercury Prize award.

Their first feature length release ‘Are You Satisfied?’ was by far one of the best UK rock albums of the decade and gave British music one of its most authentic punk bands since the 1980’s. ‘Are You Satisfied?’ despite being popular amongst the general public, completely split music critics, with many describing the album as ‘plastic punk’. Crack magazine even went as far as to vote the record top of their worst albums of 2015 list, with one critic describing the band as “papier-mache punks with their mockney lip-flapping, fag-paper-thin-sentiment, derivative riffs, embarrassingly prescriptive pseudo-politics and sixth form poetry.” …..Ouch!

However, bands that achieve instant cult status are more often that not judged by their second album and Slaves will no doubt have a point to prove.

The band stated in a recent interview that the upcoming album is going to sound “very different” to its predecessor and described it as “really heavy”.

The album has also been recorded in a relatively short amount of time. Guitarist Laurie Vincent referenced this stating:” “In the modern world, where people like The Weeknd do three albums a year, it feels like there’s no excuse to drop off.” “We just felt like we had the material and we were writing really quickly, so were like, let’s just do it. People asked if we wanted to take a break, but we said no.”

This is definitely one to watch out for.

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