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Slash Discusses New Guns N’ Roses Album


The thought of another new Guns N’ Roses album has fans of the band salivating. Even Slash thinks that everyone in the Guns N’ Roses camp would like to make a new studio album. That being said, due to their massive touring commitments, the band haven’t yet had the chance to sit down and talk it through.

The Not On This Lifetime tour has been full on since 2016, and fans have been speculating as to whether a new studio return was is on the cards.

Slash himself has said: “there’s no shortage of ideas from everybody involved” they still have to properly plan out their future movements.

He told Classic Rock magazine: “When Guns N’ Roses started doing its thing on the Not In This Lifetime tour, then the kind of writing I was doing was actually more tailored towards Guns, because that was the environment I was in.

“But, then we took the break and I started thinking about doing the Conspirators record.

“When it comes down to it, a riff is a riff. It could work in either context. But with The Conspirators, anything I come up with, Myles Kennedy will come up with something – and that’s why it’s such a diverse record.

“With Guns, you have no idea where that’s going to go either, so it’s really hard to focus on one or the other, but I feel like while I’m out with Guns I’m thinking about Guns stuff. When I’m out with Conspirators I’m thinking of Conspirators.

“I’ve been doing The Conspirators for eight years now, so there’s a certain kind of rhythm that I’ve gotten into with doing that.

“With Guns, we’ve just started to touch the surface of what that’s going to all be, so I haven’t really fallen into that groove yet. Right now, there’s more of a question mark around that than with Conspirators.”

When it comes to new material for a new Guns N’ Roses album, Slash stated: “Well, it’s not been announced because there’s nothing official, so there’s nothing to talk about.

“I think everybody thinks it’s a good idea, and everybody would like to do it. There’s no shortage of ideas from everybody involved, but we’ve been so busy on the road there hasn’t really been time to go in and sit down and go, ‘Okay, we’re going to make a record.’”

Watch this space….


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