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School Of Rock’s “Zack-Attack” Arrested For Stealing Guitars


In one of the more bizarre stories we have covered, one of the cast members of the School of Rock, Joey Gaydos Jr, is facing felony charges in the state of Florida for larceny and grand theft after cops arrested him four times in five weeks for apparently stealing guitars and an amplifier.

Ironically, Gaydos Jr played the young guitarist Zack “Zack-Attack” Mooneyham in Jack Black’s film, and by the looks of it the former child star is trying to mount a comeback, all be it on the wrong side of the law.

According to the website TMZ, Gaydos has been walking into stores and pretending to test out guitars. Once he had the guitar in hand he would apparently walk out of the shop with the guitar and then would attempt to sell them at local pawn shops.

These were not your run of the mill average guitars either, Gaydos allegedly stole a Gibson Les Paul gold top worth $1,900, a black Fender Stratocaster worth $699, and a Les Paul Epiphone valued at $800.

TMZ also reported that Gaydos had confessed to the police and had blamed his crime spree on a drug problem. But, when he appeared in court, he entered a not guilty plea for the stolen the guitars, and as of now, Gaydos hasn’t given a plea with regards to the stolen amp.

You can’t make this up folks.


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