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#SaveNelly Goes Viral


nelly1Rapper Nelly has received a huge wave of support from the general public following the publication of his current tax problems. A new campaign has emerged titled #SaveNelly, which is compelling Spotify users to stream Nelly’s 2002 hit ‘Hot In Herre’ enough times to help pay the artists substantial IRS bill.

On September 11, news broke online that Nelly is currently facing a massive $2.4 million tax bill from the IRS, with a further $149,511 reportedly owed in state taxes. Following the news, music website Spin joked that Nelly would have to rack up 287,176,547 streams of his song ‘Hot In Herre’ to have any chance of paying the bill.

The article, despite throwing out some ridiculous statistics to make light on Nelly’s situation, actually inspired a plethora of Nelly fans to try and hit Spin’s estimated target on Spotify.

Some of the attempts to help promote #SaveNelly have included a ‘Hot In Herre’ streaming party, which was started on twitter, and fans suggesting that listeners play the song on loop while they are asleep. One twitter user even explained that playing the song for 7 hours straight would result in 110 plays.

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‘Hot In Herre’ was one of Nelly’s biggest hits and featured on his second studio album ‘Nellyville’. The song was produced by the Neptunes and became a number one hit in the US, and number four hit in the UK upon the first week of its release. The song also helped Nelly win the Best Male Rap Solo Performance at the 2003 Grammys.

Prior to the campaign ‘Hot In Herre’ was earning around 50,000 – 60,000 streams per day however, it was reported that the song racked up an incredible 714,000 streams last week alone.

Unfortunately, even if the figure estimated by Spin was met, it would still not be enough to pay off the entirety of Nelly’s bill, due to the way in which the songs royalties would be distributed.

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