Ryan Adams Releases ‘Prisoner’

rsz_ryanadams5US indie rock hero Ryan Adams has released his sixteenth studio album ‘Prisoner’ three days ahead of schedule. The record, which contains the brilliant 2016 single ‘Do You Still Love Me’ was shared online on Tuesday (February 14).

It is often said that music is the best method of expressing ones emotions, and Ryan Adams is no stranger to leaving a piece of his soul on tape. His new record ‘Prisoner’ however, may just be his rawest, most angst driven, beautifully crafted record to date.

‘Prisoner’ carries the same Springsteen-esque, guitar driven, stadium rock weight as Adam’s previous two records ‘1989’ and ‘Ryan Adams’. Fans first got a taste of the album back in December when Adams released lead single ‘Do You Still Love Me’. The track has since been followed by both ‘To Be Without You’ and ‘Doomsday’.

For those who are aware of Adams’ personal life, it becomes instantly evident that his recent break up with actress Mandy Moore has heavily inspired both the musical and lyrical content of the album. Adams confirmed this in a recent interview with NME, explaining: “For me, the big shadow illuminating things for fans will be that this record is directly related to my divorce, and to what was going on inside me – how I endured it and where I was in my emotions at that time – and they wouldn’t be wrong. I didn’t want to make a mistake and avoid it…I believe in art, and it sounds so stupid – but I think it’s more stupid to pretend that things aren’t happening to you and write some bland f**king useless bulls**t.”

‘Prisoner’ is currently available to stream via NPR music and can be purchased HERE

Here is the full tracklist for the album:

01 Do You Still Love Me?
02 Prisoner
03 Doomsday
04 Haunted House
05 Shiver and Shake
06 To Be Without You
07 Anything I Say to You Now
08 Breakdown
09 Outbound Train
10 Broken Anyway
11 Tightrope
12 We Disappear

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