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Ryan Adams Drops New Single ‘Do You Still Love Me’


rsz_ryanadams3American singer / songwriter Ryan Adams has released a brand new single titled ‘Do You Still Love Me’. The song is set to feature on his upcoming sixteenth studio album ‘Prisoner’, which will be released on February 17, 2017.

Ryan Adams seems to have really hit his stride over the last few years. His 2014 self-titled record gained worldwide critical acclaim, and contained some of the most heartbreakingly brilliant song’s the North Carolina native has ever written (particularly ‘Gimme Something Good’ and ‘Kim’).

Adam’s has a history of churning out albums pretty quickly, and because of this his records are often accused of being a little samey. In 2015 however, Adam’s completely shocked fans when he released his angsty, 80’s inspired track by track cover version of Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’.

‘1989’ ranks up there with some of the best work Adam’s has ever put out and is in many peoples minds even better than the original.

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‘Prisoner’ will no doubt have a huge amount of hype surrounding it as February draws closer, and if ‘Do You Still Love Me’ is anything to go by, then we’re in for a treat.

Speaking about the upcoming record, Adams explained: “I don’t remember being aware of needing to hold back anything,” “I felt like I needed to tell a story – the story of how I felt or what was happening internally at least, in the truest way possible. It was in the most vulnerable way I could. Also, in a way that felt good to play music – I wanted to avoid feeling like playing guitar on a soapbox…like some fucking bullshit about life pains. I don’t want to be that person and that’s not the point of what I’m trying to do, I want to try and extract some truth from the narrow of whatever is around me.”

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