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Roger Daltrey Speaks Out Against Quadrophenia Remake


quadrophenia1The Who frontman Roger Daltrey has expressed his displeasure about the upcoming Quadrophenia reboot. The movie is set to be a sequel to the iconic 1979 film, and based on the book ‘To Be Someone’ by Peter Meadows.

Quadrophenia is one of the most beloved British movies of all time, and captures a undeniably important period of youth culture in the UK. The original 1979 film was based on The Who’s 1973 rock opera album of the same name. The film centres around a group of teenagers in the south of England in the 1960s, during the ongoing battles between gangs of Mods and Rockers. It made stars out of many of its young actors including Phil Daniels, Leslie Ash, Ray Winstone and singer Toyah Wilcox.

When rumours about a potential sequel first began to circulate both The Who and their manager Bill Curbishley completely denied any involvement in the project, stating: “As far as the group and original producer Bill Curbishley are concerned, the new film is a blatant attempt to cash in on the original film’s enduring popularity.”

The upcoming remake will be directed by Ray Burdis, the man responsible for 1990’s ‘The Krays’ and 2013’s ‘The Wee Man’. In defence of his latest project Burdis stated: “I totally agree that Quadrophenia is a classic, iconic film that should never be revisited. If The Who management had actually read the script of To Be Someone, they would have realised it is not an attempt at a Quadrophenia sequel but a stand-alone film based on modern day Mod culture. It’s a feel good, fun, fashion and music extravaganza.”

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Despite this, Roger Daltrey has reiterated his previous comments about the remake, telling UK newspaper The Daily Mirror: “It’s just someone fishing to make some money. It becomes a nonsense. The whole point of Quadrophenia was that it was a moment in time captured in a film.

“That moment in time is gone. It doesn’t matter what those characters are doing now. It was about what we all went through at that age.”

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