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Roger Daltrey Releases New Solo Album


Roger Daltrey has released his first solo album since since 1992’s Rocks in the Head, and the new album will feature nine covers as well as two new track written by Daltrey called: “Certified Rose” and “Always Heading Home.”

Daltrey told a U.K. TV show that when it comes to the album: “I’ve gone back to the music that The Who used to play before Pete Townshend [started] writing the songs…We were a soul band and a blues band…a Tamla-Motown band.”

You can see the Tamla-Motown connection when y0u look at the covers from the album, including: “You Haven’t Done Nothing” by Stevie Wonder, as well as The Jackson Five’s “The Love You Save.

Daltrey also told the chat show that it was his long-time bandmate Pete Townshend that helped push him over the finish line when recording the album. Daltrey has gotten discouraged with the project, and it was Townshend that pushed him to finish it.

Daltrey said: “I had a really kind of long-running period with the record where I got really sick [with meningitis],” adding: “And when I went back to it, it sounded rubbish, and I was gonna shelve it. And then Pete heard and said, ‘You gotta finish it, Rog. And I’ll play guitar on it.'”

Here’s the full As Long as I Have You track list:

“As Long as I Have You”
“How Far”
“Where Is a Man to Go?”
“Get On Out of the Rain”
“I’ve Got Your Love”
“Into My Arms”
“You Haven’t Done Nothing”
“Out of Sight, Out of Mind”
“Certified Rose”
“The Love You Save”
“Always Heading Home”

Checkout As Long as I Have You below:

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