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Roger Daltrey Admits The Clock Is Ticking When It Comes To His Voice


When it comes to flat out rock singers, few could argue that Roger Daltrey is up there with the best of them. That being said, the Who singer has now said that he believes that the clock is ticking on what his voice can do.

Daltrey told Billboard: “Obviously within the next five years I think my voice will go,” adding: “Age will get it in the end.” This doesn’t mean that the end is nigh, Daltrey also pointed out that his pipes are: “still there at the moment.” When you look at the singer’s schedule you can see that has been rather active lately, it almost appears that he is getting as much out of his voice while he has it.

Daltrey also released his first solo record in 26 years last year called ‘As Long as I Have You,’ hot on the heels of that, was, The Who’s Tommy Orchestral, a live album capturing an orchestral performance of the classic rock opera.

If that wasn’t enough, Daltrey and the Who have been touring with their Moving On! tour, and have dates that stretch into the fall.

Daltrey said of the experience: “It’s having a fantastic effect on the audience, doing the Who tour with an orchestra,” adding: “It’s joyous, it’s exhilarating, it really is,” the singer confessed as he looks ahead to further performances. “I just want to get this tour done and the second leg to be even better than the first, and let’s see where we are once we’ve done that. I mean, we’re obviously coming to the twilight of our live career, and I’m glad we’re getting to do something like this before it’s over.”

He has also been working with bandmate Pete Townshend on new material, Daltrey has said he’s “incredibly optimistic” about the new songs.

Even saying: “I think we’ve made our best album since Quadrophenia.”

Now that’s saying something.


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