Take The Day may not be what you’d expect from the self described “4 middle aged dudes”, echoing sounds of the late 00s we’re big fans here. And hey this is probably the best “Dad band” we’ve come across. So, let’s get to know the unsigned Pittsburg dad rockers racking up millions of views and plays in the modern era.

RMW: So, for anyone who hasn’t heard you before can you sum up your sound in 1 sentence?

TTD: Our sound is definitely not one you would expect from 4 middle-aged dudes.

RMW: Haha, yeh that’s definitely true, I think that’s definitely part of the charm though, how unexpected it is, so, how did you guys get together as a group?

TTD: Take The Day was formed in March of 2011. We’ve all known each other and played in local rock and metal bands around the area for years. Kenny hit me(Matt) up in 2010 with the idea of putting a new band together. We started doing what we called “Rock star Karaoke” where we set up a PA and speakers in my Dad’s barn and started jamming along to everything from Pantera to Metallica, to Godsmack, to Breaking Benjamin. We knew we wanted to write music that was heavy with lots of hook, but it also had to be radio friendly and it had to have a “current” sound.

RMW: Well, we’ve certainly been enjoying the music. Where did the name Take the day come from, any interesting story there? 

TTD: Kenny’s wife Cathy actually came up with the name. On her day off she said she was just going to “take the day” and Kenny thought it would be a great band name. The name symbolizes embracing opportunity, overcoming obstacles, and it conveys a message of hope in times of darkness.

RMW: If you had to pick one thing, what’s the most interesting that’s happened whilst on tour or at a show, any amusing anecdotes? 

TTD: Honestly, there are incredibly positive experiences with every show we play. We’ve been blessed to play a lot of great venues with some truly amazing bands. We’ve learned so much just by being out on the road. This year, we’re traveling more than we ever have, and we’re stoked to bring Take The Day to some of the biggest crowds we’ve ever had the opportunity to play in front of. We’re looking forward to making even more memories.

RMW: On the note of making more memories, what’s next for the band? Any upcoming tours/releases?

TTD: We just shot a music video for our next single “Save Me Now”. The song was recorded at Aphotic Studios in Derby Kansas, and was co-written, produced, and engineered by Chris Dawson and Jimmy Beattie of the band Seasons After. Chris Dawson also shot the music video for “Save Me Now”. We hope to have that ready for all of you in the next few weeks.

RMW: That’s excellent, let us know and we’ll be sure to share it, looking forward to hearing it. Moving onto the next question if you could play with any act who would it be?

TTD: Breaking Benjamin, Nothing More, Papa Roach, Three Days Grace, and Sevendust are just a few. Honestly, there are so many amazing bands that we would be honored to share the stage with.

RMW: For someone who’s never heard Take The Day before, which of your tracks would sum up the band perfectly?

TTD: That’s hard to say only because each song has it’s own meaning and it’s own inspiration. Each of our songs means something different to everyone. Our most recent single “Song For The Broken” has gotten an incredible response so far, and has connected with a lot of people.

RMW: Well, “Song For The Broken” is the one we’ll embed in the article then (see below). What’s the writing process like for you guys? Collaborative, one or two guys do most of the work? Do you start with lyrics or music etc?

TTD: We try to write collectively as a whole band. For us, the song writing process can start with anything. A personal experience, a lyric, a guitar riff, anything.

RMW: For a bit of fun, who has the most embarrassing guilty pleasure song and what is it?

I’m sure we all have “guilty pleasure” songs that we listen to and sing along to when no one else is watching. Personally, I like 80s/90s dance music. I look forward to the occasional “Rick-Roll”. lol

RMW: And we obviously couldn’t let you go without asking, so what do the other halfs and kids think of the transition from garage karaoke to making music videos? 

TTD: Matt doesn’t have any kids, but, Kenny, Adam, and Rick do, and they are very supportive of their Dad’s “rock and roll journey”.  Kenny’s daughter Phoebe runs our merch booth at most of our shows, and is currently learning how to run lights for us as well.

RMW: Great stuff guys, thanks for chatting with us and we wish you the best of success, and for the readers check out song for the broken below. 

TTD: Thanks for your interest in us, all the best. 



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