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RMW Playlist: 7 Great Tracks You Need To Hear


Have you got the midweek blues? Having a slow day at the office?

Well.. turn off the radio, stop dreaming about that post-work beer, and grab some headphones.

Here are 7 great tracks that will blow your mind:

Chad VanGaalen – Peace On The Rise

Featured on Chad VanGaalen’s 2011 record ‘Diaper Island’, ‘Peace On The Rise’ is a soothing experimental indie rock track. VanGaalen recorded the song in his home studio, which no doubt explains it’s extremely home-spun immediate vibe. ‘Peace On The Rise’ lands somewhere between 1970’s acid folk and 90s rock, with a surprisingly chaotic mid-section. It also comes accompanied by a pretty surreal music video – something fans have come to expect from VanGaalen over the years.

Porches – Car

Porches are one of the most exciting bands on the current alternative music scene. Their sound has been compared to everyone from Talking Heads to The Pixies. ‘Car’ (which is featured on the band’s 2016 record ‘Pool’) is a moody guitar based indie track, with an undeniable driving motion that it’s title suggests. The song’s lyrics, though obvious and straightforward, give a real feeling of longing and sincerity. One for fans of neo-noir, nostalgia and lamentation.

Timber Timbre – Grifting

Taken from Timber Timbre’s 2017 album ‘Sincerely, Future Pollution’, ‘Grifting’ is one of the best alternative pop songs of the year so far. It seems like every modern band has a soft spot for the 80s, but few have captured the bluesy, Bowie side of the decade as well as Timber Timbre’s ‘Grifting’. If you like what you hear, it’s well worth checking out the entire album, which is currently available via bandcamp. Definitely a band worth keeping an eye on.

Chromatics – Shadow

Anyone keeping up with the new season of Twin Peaks, will have spotted that each episode features a special performance from an up and coming band (something that often comes as a welcome break after an hour of Lynchian surrealism). The first track to feature on the new series came in the form of Chromatics ‘Shadow’. The song is a smooth Italo-disco composition that sounds like it was lifted straight out of the Drive (2011) soundtrack.

Liam Gallagher – Wall Of Glass

There were huge question marks over Liam Gallagher’s first solo record, but if ‘Wall Of Glass’ is anything to go by then fans are in for a treat. The song is dripping with attitude, and strikes a perfect balance between Gallagher’s catchier Oasis tracks, and the more psychedelic vibes of his second band Beady Eye. ‘Wall Of Glass’ may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s certainly a grower, and you may well find yourself hooked after a few listens.

Arcade Fire – Everything Now

Another record with huge expectations, Arcade Fire seem to have justified all of the hype surrounding their upcoming album with their new track ‘Everything Now’. The song sees the band yet again moving in a more disco influenced direction, and sounding more like ABBA than the group who spawned ‘Neon Bible’. That said, ‘Everything Now’ contains all of the anthemic majesty that we have come to expect from the Canadian art rockers, and future singles cannot come soon enough.

Fleet Foxes – If You Need To, Keep Time On Me

The first two releases from Fleet Foxes upcoming album ‘Crack-Up’ have been somewhat disappointing; however, their new single ‘If You Need To, Keep Time On Me’ may just convince fans that something special is on the way. The track captures all of the heartbreaking fragility of a Neil Young classic, whilst keeping the listener guessing with a series of unexpected chord changes. Best accompanied by a nice single malt.

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