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RMW Ones To Watch: Chasing Embers


For those of you following ones to watch, Chasing Embers are a bit of an unusual act. A female fronted Alternative Metal band out of Ukraine they’re making some interesting noises in their scene and not one you’re too likely to have come across.
So, the first question we give to any non native English band is, what’s it like writing in English? Do you find it harder? 

No. First of all, English is much easier. It’s easier to express your thoughts so that other people can understand you, while the lyrics fit well with the music. Ukrainian is much more complex language, and in order to write good lyrics in Ukrainian, you have to write on the level of a good writer. Simple lyrics sound silly in Ukrainian. It’s difficult to explain actually. It sounds like you’ve got a full arsenal, but you came to a battle with a knife 🙂 On the other hand, even simple English lyrics always sound good. Yes, it’s a kind of paradox. But we have to admit, that we always consult with native speakers, to make sure that some of our lines don’t sound silly and everybody would understand us. Secondly, we want to spread our thoughts to as many listeners as we can. Because when you take your message to millions with help of music, you can make the world a better place. So why should we limit ourselves?

Haha that’s very true, so what’s the scene like in Ukraine, it’s not something our readers will know too much about?
For the last few years, the Ukrainian heavy scene has been rising. During that period, we got a lot of cool band, which tour not only in Ukraine, but all over the world. I think many have heard of a band called Jinjer – it’s a Ukrainian band, who conquers the world with their infinite world tours. Maybe you’ve heard of such bands as Stoned Jesus and Sinoptik. They had toured either Europe and North America. You have to check out Ignea, Karna, Morphine Suffering, Chumatskyi Shlyah (the last 3 sing in Ukrainian by the way) – they are really cool bands.
Black Metal is quite developed in Ukraine. Metalcore is also getting popular lately, for example you can check band called Space of Variations, they started to gig in European countries recently.
Here is the thing, we’ve got a lot of cool bands, but metal is not really popular in Ukraine, so many of them are aiming for other countries.
How did you guys get together? 
The band was formed by our drummer Vlad and guitarist Alex. At that time the band was called Raider and the guys played thrash metal. After unsuccessful attempts to find a male vocalist (we had an audition for more than 6 vocalists, and all they were more or less shitty singers), but after that July came to the audition and kicked their asses. We had to figure out how to use her vocals in our music, thus we slightly changed the style as well as the band’s name. Then, weak band members would quit, and more conscious people joined the group. In this way we found Oleksanrd (guitar) and literally two weeks ago basis Vlad also joined our band. We’ve been playing without a bass player for 2 years, just because we couldn’t find a person who’d fit our band perfectly. Yes, we have a tough selection.
Do you guys have any interesting or embaressing stories from touring, there’s usually one or two? 

Usually we are performing sober, so nothing unexpected has happened yet. But, We’ve got our first big Ukrainian tour this Autumn, so you’ll need to make one more interview with us.

Haha, well that’s no fun. So what’s the news with you guys? Anything you want to talk about? 
At the moment we are actively recording our debut long play album, which is to be released this Autumn. We’re going to shoot few more music videos by that time. And if everything is OK, we will tour Europe in 2020, so don’t miss it.

What’s the writing process like for you? Any one pulling extra weight? 

At first Vlad (drummer) wrote everything by his own, but now we are trying to compose together, because in this way music becomes more interesting and alive. Almost always we start with music, then comes the vocal melody and then lyrics. But we always experimenting, and we think that all approaches are good and you need to know how to compose in different ways and how to catch the emotions.
And to wrap up, who has the most embarrassing guilty pleasure song?
From time to time we all listen to music which can be considered “strange” as for metal musicians. But our guitarist Oleksandr with his love for “Beauty and a Beat” by Justin Bieber & Nicki Minaj obviously wins this challenge 🙂


Thanks for the interview guys, and anyone who’s interested can check out “silent house” below. 



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