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Rita Ora Threatened To Kill Intruder


ritaora1British pop singer and former X-Factor judge Rita Ora is currently in court following a break in at her home in north west London. The latest news from the trial indicates that Ora had threatened to kill the intruder during a phone call to emergency services.

Ora’s house was broken into on November 28th of last year by two men. One of the men currently on trail is 26 year old Charaf Elmoudden who was picked out of an identity parade by Ora’s sister Elena on January 15th. Elena Ora, who was also present during the break in told prosecutors “I wouldn’t forget that face ever.”

Police are said to believe that the men purposely targeted Ora’s house with the intent stealing the 25 year old singers most expensive possessions. The thieves reportedly left with Apple Mac computers, iPhones, designer bags, clothes and jewellery.

During the course of the burglary both Rita and Elena had been asleep. It had initially been Elena who had woken up to find a man rifling through her bedroom, she had then ran to wake her sister. Rita Ora stated: “She just ran up the stairs then she jumped on my bed and started screaming.”

It was at that point that the phone call to emergency services was made in which Ora threatened to kill the intruder. The phone call was played aloud during the trail to a clearly upset Ora who had chosen to give evidence from behind a curtain.

In the phone call Ora had said: “Oh my God I don’t have a knife, I know they’re going to come upstairs.” and “What do you want me to do now? I will kill him.” After the evidence was played Ora had to take a moment to compose herself before continuing the trail.

Charaf Elmoudden is currently denying the charges against him, stating that he was at home during the course of the events and even has an alibi. The trail is set to continue over the coming weeks.


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