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Riot Fest Exclusive


Rock My World is ready to give you the scoop on a bit of muddy madness that overcame Douglas Park in Chicago on the last night of Riot Fest 2015!

Sure, Riot Fest once again welcomed a smorgasbord of drunken buffoons and questionably clad packs of EDM fans complaining about over-priced beverages, but what matters is the music! Right?Riot Fest

Well, wait a second! Music has the power to bring us all together, but what happens when the music… shuts off?

So, here’s what happened!

While party master Andrew WK stood backstage waiting in line for a vacant porta potty, and actor/singer Jack Black entertained a small group of rainbow-colored-haired young women, West coast hip-hop stars Cypress Hill finished playing an energetic set to 50,000 gleaming faces and were getting one another revved up for pal Snoop Dogg’s headlining performance.

As the last bit of weekend sun had finally set, rapper, actor, and slender King of the green leaf, Snoop Dogg took the main stage front and center a little after 8PM; fashionably running behind schedule by more than 20 minutes.

Sporting an Adidas jacket and lighting up a joint, Snoop publicly complained to the crowd after his third song that the Riot Fest production crew was treating him less than favorable, and asked that they not tamper with the sound while he performed. He even went on to insult the city of Chicago to further emphasize his frustration by stating, “…I’ve been coming here since 1992, so quit f***ing with my sound.”

The show was then promptly shut down after a purposeful power outage forcing Snoop to usher himself, his band, and his bootylicious dancers off stage in the middle of “Young, Wild, Free” — his goodbye song to the Riot Fest crowd.

Let’s just say it was an uncomfortably dark and silent moment to share on stage with the miffed rapper we were just getting to know!

Story: Kate Catalina

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