About Us

The Rewards Matrix is a loyalty and rewards platform that is surrounded by a matrix of affiliated partners. The objective of the Rewards Matrix is to utilize these app partners, along with our diversely themed portals to create relevant content and entertainment for the users. Users will also have the opportunity to accumulate rewards points simply by being active with the partners and retailers in our matrix. This unique approach encourages users to stay in our matrix longer and build loyalty.

How it Works

Customers buy products on-line and in retail stores as part of their every-day life. Given the ease of access and variety of choice available on the internet, there is a constant opportunity to search out new experiences and better deals. This makes creating and maintaining customer loyalty very difficult for any retailer.
Our aim is to create loyalty by giving users a relevant and compelling experience paid for by the rewards points they gains from buying from a specific store in our matrix. The users’ loyalty accounts will offer them access to one or more portal sites catering to their interests, in which they can see relevant news, interviews, audio and video content and have access to relevant retail content which they can buy with rewards points instead of cash. Entertainment content is expensive to produce, so we as the portal need to find new and interesting content economically. By partnering with bloggers and App partners who are looking for an audience, we can reach a symbiotic relationship – we send them clients with “free money” in their pockets and they provide relevant and entertaining content or products for the users.

Portal Examples

Game Examples