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Revealed, The Voice On Slipknot’s Track “742617000027,” And It’s Creepy


It’s hard to believe that Slipknotreleased their debut self-titled album 20-years ago. Ever since then fans have wondered about the album’s intro track, “742617000027,” and where or who provided the creepy voice throughout it? Also, what on earth was the inspiration behind the track.

We now we come to find out that the vocal sample is actually taken from a documentary addressing the Manson Family murders.

Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison had originally claimed that it was Corey Taylor’s voice the voice in the intro track, but now, according to Kerrang!, we find out the sample is actually a 1973 documentary called Manson which centers around the family’s killings.

The intros voice says: “The whole thing, I think it’s sick” in various speeds an pitches. The spoken words are actually Corey Hurst, a former cellmate of Charles Manson’s “family member” Susan Atkins.

During their time stuck in a prison cell, Atkins boasted about her participation in the murders. The voice for the track is from a section of the documentary when Hurst participated in an on-camera interview for the documentary, and the infamous lines are uttered.

Hurst said: “Like they, they think it’s right to murder,” adding: “They wantto murder. Look at all the people — and they get a kick out of it, a sexual kick out of it. The whole thing, I think it’s sick. I mean, I don’t know…”

Check out Slipknot’s intro track and the clip from the Manson documentary  below:


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