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Release Date set for Motley Crue Biopic ‘The Dirt’


The good news for all you Motley Crue fans is that the long anticipated release of the bands biopic The Dirt has been announced. The date is March 22, 2019, and will be released by Netflix, this according to ex-Crue front-man Vince Neil.

Neil had apparently just watched the film, which is based on the bands memoirs of the same name, front to back at the Netflix offices. We think Neil was pretty happy with what he saw.

“Wow!!! Just left Netflix offices,” he tweeted. “Just saw ‘The Dirt’ movie!! Fuckin awesome!! Can’t wait for everyone to see it! Released March 22!! Yea!!!”

The band regrouped in September of this year to record four new songs for the movie’s soundtrack, this was confirmed by Neil at the time. Fans were left feeling confused, as the band had announced they’d split at the end of their final world tour in 2015. Neil was quick to address the confusion: “For those of you who don’t understand, yes ‘the boys’ means Motley and we signed a contract not to tour anymore,” Neil responded. “We never broke up or said we would never make music again. Hope this clears it up.”

Nikki Sixx also weighed in at the time to talk about the new material:  “I’m listening to the roughs of the new Motley Crue and it feels real and raw. Everybody is playing like mad and the songs crush.” He also added cryptically: “Plus we have a surprise that will confirm that we’re outta our minds.”

Rock based biopics aremore than hot right now. The new Queen movie Bohemian Rhapsody has been confirmed as the biggest-grossing music biopic ever, and hot on the heels is the the new Elton John story Rocketman set for release in 2019.


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