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Redding And Leeds Festivals Are Still A Go


With mass cancelations going on everywhere in the entertainment industry it’s good to hear that some festivals are still hanging in there. Reading & Leeds have released a statement on the current coronavirus outbreak, reassuring fans that this year’s festivals are still on.

With the number of festivals and scheduled tours being canceled across the globe it’s almost refreshing to hear that the Reading & Leeds festivals are, as of now, going ahead.

With the fact that the Reading & Leeds festivals are happening in August, they are betting the world will be a different place by then. This year the festival will be headlined by Rage Against The Machine, Stormzy and Liam Gallagher.

Check out the organizer’s statement: “At this time, Reading/Leeds Festival is going ahead as planned,” adding: “Please be assured that the safety and health of all staff and visitors is our main priority and we are implementing recommendations and instructions appropriately.

“We are closely monitoring official guidance from the World Health Organisation, Public Health England, UK Government, local public health authorities and are working with event promoters and organisers as information evolves.

“If you are attending, please follow the most up to date information on the Coronavirus that is available at: World Health Organisation, UK Government and the NHS.”

With that kind of lineup were keeping our fingers crossed that festival-goers get a chance to get out and enjoy one of our guilty pleasures known as MUSIC…


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