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Do We Really Stop Discovering New Music at the Age of 30?


Say it ain’t so! A new survey released has made the claim that in general, that most people lose their appetite for looking for new music by the time they turn 30 years old. Plus, it claims that many music lovers are stuck in a rut.

The music streaming site Deezer, commissioned the survey, and they found that music fans stop discovering new music from around 30 years plus, and that the condition is called “musical paralysis.”

During the survey people were asked why they had stopped caring or looking for new music. The public cited reasons as simple as having kids, but also the fact that they were just overwhelmed by the sheer amount of music available.

As well as the above, 60% of people questioned explained that they felt as if they were stuck in a musical rut, and that they only listened to music they already knew.

The survey was conducted in the UK and it appears that Wales and the North West of England are the big offenders, the UK give up finding new music at around 24 years old, and the good folks in Wales are said to lose interest at around 23.

So what’s the cure? Apparently there isn’t one available, so, to all you 30+ listeners in the UK, WAKE UP!!!!! There is so much good music out there, go find it. Ps, we love you anyway.


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