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Is It Really 50 Years Since The Beatles Last Public Concert?


Yesterday marked the 50th anniversary of the last official concert by The Beatles, which took place at San Francisco’s Candlestick Park.

It was the end of a band that had endured the daily life of touring, recording and the insanity that being in the biggest band in the world entailed. It was all too much and the band decided to retire from the BEAT SQroad following the completion of their 1966 North American summer tour.

During this last tour, one of the Fab Four’s opening acts was the all girl group The Ronettes. Nedra Talley Ross, who sang with The Ronettes at the time, recalls the madness and says that Beatles fans made it difficult to hear anything at all during the performances.

Talley Ross told ABC Radio, “It was hard to hear yourself sing because the roar of the crowd stayed at a pitch. It was so high,” and added, “Candlestick was…just a beautiful setting, but it was crazy.”

In an interesting twist, Nedra explained that her group faced quite the dilemma before joining The Beatles tour: “The Rolling Stones wanted us and The Beatles wanted us, and we went with The Beatles,” she explains. “It was just because, because. Probably the money was better.”

It appears that Talley Ross had no idea that the band’s Candlestick Park concert would be The Beatles’ last, but whilst out with the band during the tour she could sense that the difficulties of touring were weighing heavily on the band members.

“We knew that they were tired and sort of tired of each other and tired of the chaos,” said Nedra.

According to BeatlesBible.com, the band played 11 songs that night at Candlestick Park and included hits like “Day Tripper”, “Paperback Writer”, and the classic “Yesterday”. Ticket prices were a mere $6.50 and $4.50.

To be precise, the very last time the Fab Four played together after the Candlestick concert it was their legendary rooftop gig on top of the band’s Apple headquarters in London on January 30, 1969.

Here’s the set list of The Beatles’ Candlestick Park concert:

“Rock and Roll Music”

“She’s a Woman”

“If I Needed Someone”

“Day Tripper”

“Baby’s in Black”

“I Feel Fine”


“I Wanna Be Your Man”

“Nowhere Man”

“Paperback Writer”

“Long Tall Sally”

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