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Rare Beatles Recording Found


Don’t you just love it when you put your hand in a jacket pocket you haven’t worn for a while and find money? Well, check this out—a tape of the Beatles performing live in Liverpool’s Cavern Club has been found after being stored away for 53 years.

TV producer Johnnie Hamp is the incredibly lucky man who found the reel in a desk drawer. He plans to auction it for charity next month.BEAT SQ

This amazing recording of “Some Other Guy” was made in September 1962—and, what makes this find even more exciting, is that the recording was made just four weeks before the Fab Four’s debut single “Love Me Do” was released.

The recording was originally made because a television film crew had been at the Cavern to film the Beatles for an appearance on Granada TV’s Know The North—but on review, it was thought that the sound quality was so poor that an overdub would be required.

It turned out that the show was never aired due to legal issues, but always thinking ahead, the band’s manager, Brian Epstein, asked for five acetates of the recording to be made because he was so pleased with the tape.

Of the five made, the only one that was known to exist at the time raised £16,000 at an auction in 1993. So, come November 5th, who knows how much this copy will be sold for. One thing we do know is that all Beatles collectors will be watching and perhaps bidding on this come auction time.

The auction will be held by, Adam Partridge Auctioneers and Valuers

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