Radiohead Prepare For 20th Anniversary of ‘OK Computer’

radiohead11As Radiohead prepare for their headlining set at this years Glastonbury festival, a number of the band’s high profile fans have been paying tribute to their seminal 1997 record ‘OK Computer’. The album (which was the band’s third studio release) is set to celebrate its 20th anniversary at the end of May.

After the commercial success of ‘Pablo Honey’ (1992) and ‘The Bends’ (1995), Radiohead were fast becoming one of the best rock bands in the world. It was with ‘OK Computer’ however, that the group first etched their name into the history of popular music.

At the time, ‘OK Computer’ was described as Radiohead’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’. The record merged anthemic rock with elements of avant garde jazz, krautrock and classical music, to create a piece of work more akin to a film soundtrack than a conventional rock record.

The album peaked at number one in the UK and was supported by the incredible singles ‘Paranoid Android’, ‘Karma Police’, ‘Lucky’ and ‘No Surprises’. It has since been certified platinum in over seven different countries.

As the record approaches its 20th anniversary, some of Radiohead’s famous fans have spoken about their appreciation of the 1997 album.

Foals guitarist Jimmy Smith said of the record: “I fell into this pool of wondrous sounds old and new and never really came back.” whilst actor Cillian Murphy stated: “the emotional complexity of ‘OK Computer’ is hard to equal”

Some of the biggest praise however came from former child star Haley Joel Osment, who told Pitchfork: “’OK Computer’ inaugurated that period in my school years when I could spend every night lost in my headphones as I went to sleep.”

He added: “All the adventurous decisions the band and producer Nigel Godrich made create this sensation that you are passing through different physical spaces during each track; it’s an ecstatic experience listening to it all the way through.”

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