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Radiohead Uploads Its Final Vignette


We waited and waited and they finally delivered.

With Radiohead, it’s quite normal for the band to disappear when they finish with their latest tour or album. During that quiet time, in fact, you’ll barely hear a word from Thom Yorke and company; this leaves fans clambering for information whenever they can regarding when the band will get together to write new music, RADIO SQor anything else Radiohead news.

So when they do release information, be it all or nothing, it’s almost irrepressible.

Always looking for an alternative to the norm, the band looks for new ways to distribute its music by way of creating crazy set lists for tours or by releasing apps. The latest album release was no exception.

While the few days leading up to the release of A Moon Shaped Pool in May were a flurry of unknown excitement, suddenly it seemed like it was released overnight. And just like in the past when the band released music, so follows a steady stream of follow up in the form of audio and video.

For the new album the band has been releasing short vignettes to accompany its release, all of which the band made available via Radiohead’s Instagram page.

The vignettes have been created by directors like Yorgos Lanthimos (The Lobster), Richard Ayoade (Submarine), and Ben Wheatley (High-Rise). Each of the directors took the track their work accompanied to new dimensions.

So it came to pass that on Saturday, July 9th, the band released the ninth and final vignette in the series: The Numbers directed by Grant Gee. It’s set in the steelworks of Port Talbot, Wales, and is probably the darkest one yet.

Check out The Numbers below:

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