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Prince’s Purple Rain Jacket and Shirt Sell For $96,000


Some very lucky and wealthy Prince fans just purchased a couple of amazing pieces of rock history.

Almost as well known as his hit songs, the superstar’s signature ruffled shirt and blackprince sq-and-white blazer that Prince wore in the film Purple Rain were sold at auction for a hefty $96,000 each to, as yet, unnamed buyers.

Both pieces of clothing were highlights of a recent Profiles in History auction that took place from June 29th to July 1st.

Prince wore the ivory silk shirt when he played “The Kid” in the 1984 Oscar-winning film. The “Purple One” wore the motorcycle jacket during scenes he filmed riding his bike and shopping for a guitar and with co-star Appolonia.

Joe Maddalena, Profiles in History President, said in a press release: “The world lost a musical icon when Prince passed away, but now his legacy can live on with this jacket and other pieces. Very rarely are items from this superstar available for auction, so this creates a special event for us and for the world of collectors.”

Speaking before the sale, Maddalena said a makeup artist was given the blazer after she worked on Purple Rain. In interview with The Guardian, he said: “It just happened to be one of those coincidences that unfortunately he passed away. Probably the signature thing he is known for is Purple Rain. It’s what made his career. It’s probably what he’ll be remembered for always. To have an important piece like this is pretty astonishing and an amazing opportunity.”

Prince passed away in April at the age of 57.

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