Woman goes Pokémon Hunting In The Front Row Of A Beyoncé Gig

Ticket prices are expensive enough, and the price for a person to catch a Beyoncé show is right up there. Add to the fact if one wants to see Bey from the front row then he or she is talking very pricey indeed.

For one concertgoer though, that just didn’t seem to matter. poke sqThis fan was playing Pokémon Go in the front row, and apparently just had to “catch ‘em all” while Queen Bey sang.

The game-loving concertgoer is now facing major backlash on social media after being caught and recorded playing Pokémon Go during Beyoncé’s Formation World Tour.

The person that recorded the video was obviously in complete shock that this particular fan totally ignored Beyoncé’s rendition of “Me, Myself and I”, and instead spent the time spotting a Pokémon or two at the massive venue.

The fan didn’t hold back: “This b*tch is playing Pokémon! She’s playing Pokémon while Beyoncé’s singing,” he ranted. “F*ckin’ Pokémon. Look at where she is! She’s next to the stage. This is the stage and this b*tch is playing Pokémon!”

Hardcore fans of Bey, dream of the having the opportunity for even a chance to be so close to the star. That being said, Beyoncé’s fans are taking to Twitter to let their feelings known.

Here’s a taster, and they’re not pretty: “B*tch why are you at a Beyoncé concert IN THE PIT CATCHING POKEMON WHILE BEY IS ON STAGE IN FRONT OF YOU OMG I HATE YALL,” one BeyHive member tweeted.

Another fan screamed via Twitter: “HOW, just HOW do you go to a Beyoncé concert, have pit tickets, and playing Pokémon while Beyoncé is on stage singing?”

Check out the video and some of the rather upset fans Tweets below:


A video posted by @beyoncereceipts on

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