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Pink Meets Purple


Pink Meets Purple

Here’s a moment where two of the brightest colours in music melded together.

The iconic Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour paid the ultimate tribute to “The Purple One” Prince, who himself was a highly acclaimed guitarist, during his concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London on April 24th. The performance was captured a few days following Prince’s untimely death.

After almost four-and-a-half minutes into the classic Pink Floyd hit “Comfortably Numb”, guitarist Gilmour let rip into a guitar laden instrumental version of Prince’s “Purple Rain” that lasted for more than a minute, all of this while flooding the stage in purple light.

Another artist that paid tribute to Prince was Bruce Springsteen. He opened up his Brooklyn concert last Saturday night with a poignant cover of “Purple Rain”. His guitarist, Nils Lofgren, delivered Prince’s distinct guitar solo and Springsteen sang as the crowd chanted along with the track’s chorus. On Monday, Springsteen’s version became available as a free download.

And while the tributes continue to flood the Internet, we’ll share one more from Mumford & Sons from St Paul, Minnesota.

Check out the videos below:

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