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Pink Floyd: Dark Side Of The Moon


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Bands and albums come and go, but, without doubt, one of the most iconic albums in the prog rock genre is the concept album Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd.

Pink Floyd may have been a lot more daring and weird on it’s previous albums, but with Dark Side the band fused neo-psychedelic art rock, jazz fusion and blues-rock and wrapped it all up with beautifully produced FM rock sheen.

The album shows Pink Floyd at it’s musical peak–highlighted by David Gilmour’s spectacular and memorable guitar solos, with Richard Wright’s keyboards giving Gilmour the ultimate bed on which to play.

Incredibly, Dark Side Of The Moon remained on the Billboard charts longer than any other record in history–from 1973 right through to 1988! If the numbers don’t come to you straight away, that’s an amazing 741 weeks, and has now sold an estimated 45 million copies.

The album’s ultra dense detail, and leisurely pace, created a landscape for music listeners (and of course stoners) to call home. Yes, Pink Floyd has an amazing collection of albums, but for us here at Rock My World, no other record defines the band quite as well as this one.

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