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Pete Townshend Sheds Some More Light On The Who’s New Album


In his latest update, Pete Townshend commented on the progress of the band’s new studio album, he recapped the first day of The Who’s second series of sessions that took place Monday, March 4th, at London’s Metropolis Studios.

He also explained that the band is looking to finish and mix 10 to 12 tracks in order to present a completed album to the group’s label, Polydor, before May.

Townshend said: “May is the very latest that makes any sense,” adding: “If we don’t make this deadline the album could easily slip into 2020 because the tour dates are filling up the year. So we are trying to be as [focused] as possible, but still have fun in the studio.”

We also learned that Townshend and producer Dave Sardy were working on tracks in London while singer Roger Daltrey is working on the vocals in a studio outside of London in Kent.

Townshend explained:  “I am also doing work on a couple of new songs that we may include which will be good to see in these video diaries [I’ve been posting online] because we will be starting on songs from the ground up if they happen. Drums, bass, guitar and maybe keyboards. Maybe even a Roger vocal if he is around.”

Pete also said that The Who also will be scheduling some orchestral recording for the album.

Check out Pete Townshend’s video blog of the new sessions below:


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