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Paul Simon Hints At Quitting Songwriting


He is one of the most consistent and beloved singer-songwriters of a generation. Paul Simon is all set to release his new album Stranger To Stranger on June 3rd. But in a recent interview that will make his fans a little uneasy, Simon revealed that his new album, which is the prolific songwriter’s 13th solo album, might very well be his lastPS SQ attempt at writing new songs.

The singer recently spoke with NPR Music’s Bob Boilen for the All Songs Considered series, and during the interview Simon discussed in great detail the recording process of the album’s single “The Werewolf”.

Simon broke down his choices for the instrumentation, the length of the intro, his lyrical composition, and even the process of working with Italian producer Clap! Clap!.

The interview’s focus gradually turned to Simon’s songwriting process.

Whilst describing the years in which he developed his songwriting skills over his career, Simon pondered giving up songwriting. And when asked if he ever imagined not writing new songs, Simon explained:

“Lately I’ve thought quite a bit about not doing it … I wonder what happens if I simply prohibit myself from expressing whatever the creative urge is, if I do not allow that to happen in song or music form. I’m sort of willing to give it a year or so. I think maybe in the beginning it’ll be frustrating and annoying and I’ll want to go back to the other way. But if I stay with the rules maybe I’ll discover some other outlet.”

Simon also revealed that he’ll never write a memoir, but will always have his guitar on hand to play.

Paul Simon’s new album Stranger To Stranger will be released as an 11-track standard edition and 16-track deluxe edition.

Check out the full interview with NPR below:

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