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Paul McCartney’s New Album Release


Tuesday of this week Paul McCartney shared details of his up-coming studio album called Egypt Station, along with that, McCartney also gave details of a archival Beatles project in the works.

McCartney confirmed in an interview this week that an expanded reissue of The Beatles’ 1968 self-titled double album, a.k.a. “The White Album,” is being finalized and is almost ready to be released.

Sir Paul explained: “It’s all in place, I’ve just got a couple of essays [to approve],” adding:. “It’s all lined up and it’s really good.”

By all accounts McCartney is very happy with the way the process turned out, and he loves the somewhat intimate quality of the remastered album.

Sir Paul explained: “The album itself is very cool and it sounds like you’re in the room,” he notes. “[T]hat’s the great thing about doing remasters.”

The album will also have some tasty additions. It will feature  some demo recordings of John, and apparently they are totally stripped down to just him and a guitar. McCartney said of the recordings: “You just think, how f****** good was John?! Amazing.”

According to Sir Paul, the only track on the album that wasn’t produced by Greg Kurstin, is a track called “Fuh You,” OneRepublic’s  Ryan Tedder,  was at the helm for that. Tedder and McCartney spoke prior to getting the track together with Tedder asking: “What do you hope to get [out of this]?” McCartney’s response was classic, Paul said: , “‘A hit?’ Tedder responded:  ‘Yeah! Now you’re talking my language! The world loves a hit!'”

Only time will tell but with McCartney’s track record, and of course Tedder’s commercial ear, you cant help but think there is at least one hit in the offing.

Egypt Station will be released on September 7th.

Check out the audio video for his new track “Come on to me” below:

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