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Over 3000 Air Guitarists Smash The Guinness World Record


Just in case you though air guitar was for loners and losers, you couldn’t be further from the truth. March 1st saw 3,722 AC/DC fans lined up at the Perth Fest in Australia to set the Guinness World Record for what is now the “biggest air guitar gathering” ever seen.

Upfront and central to this awesome display was Australia’s air guitar champion “Jinja Assassin” (Alex Roberts). He leads the charge as the massive 3,700-plus crowd as they all strummed for their dear lives to AC/DC’s classic “Highway to Hell.”

That previous record saw 2,377 people rocking out in 2011 San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino in Highland, California at a “Rock N’ Roll Bingo” which was set up by a local radio station. That time around it was 2,377 air guitarists jamming along to “Crazy Train,” which was also played live by Ozzy tribute band Mr. Crowley.

Check out the footage of the world record-setting moment below.


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