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Open Up and Say…Ahh! Available on Vinyl


Hair metal was everywhere in the 80’s and 90’s. and let’s not forget that a lot of the bands of the time sold crazy amounts of albums.

One of those big selling acts were Poison. With yesterday being Record Day, the band jumped on the band wagon and released their huge selling ‘Open Up and Say…Ahh!,’ on 180-gram red and green vinyl.

Back in the day, the albums cover was somewhat controversial, it showed a model with the prerequisite, huge 80’s hair, but dressed as a tiger with a huge tongue hanging out and tinted blood red. The censors had a field day with the cover so later versions had an all-black cover with the model’s eyes coming through what looked like a tear in the cover.

On its release in May of 1998, the album was the band’s second release and spawned some massive hits at the time including their only number 1 hit “Every Rose Has Its Thorn.” When you add to that, “Nothin’ but a Good Time,” and a smash hit cover of Loggins and Messina’s hit “Your Mama Don’t Dance,” you can see wht the album has gone five-times platinum in the U.S. since its release.

Amazon have the album in red vinyl at a list price of $14.29, but if you want the green version you need to go to TheSoundofVinyl and have $24.98 at the ready.

Here’s the track listing for Open Up and Say…Ahh!:

“Love on the Rocks”
“Nothin’ but a Good Time”
“Back to the Rocking Horse”
“Good Love”
“Tearin’ Down the Walls”
“Look but You Can’t Touch”
“Fallen Angel”
“Every Rose Has Its Thorn”

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