We catch up with Dutch Nu Metal Rockers Frontstreet, talking about the Dutch scene, nu metal and their most embarrassing guilty pleasure songs. Since forming in 2015 the band has supported bands like Hollywood Undead and has a slew of Nederlands radio play and we think it’s time some more people outside of Nederlands got to know them.

The Nu Metal genre obviously peaked some time ago, what do you think about the recent boom in up and coming Nu Metal bands? Do you think there’s room for it to come back in full force? What’s the nu metal scene like in the Nederlands?

We have to say that there’s a lot of great bands out there who have the nu metal flavour. Like Ded, Cane Hill, Fever 333 for example. We don’t think that the genre will come back in full force, but we believe that there’s room for good music, it doesn’t really matter the genre. The scene in NL sucks, the big names like Korn, LB, Deftones etc still sell out the big venues but as a smaller band it’s hard to get shows. Most of the time we play with hardcore/metalcore bands because there aren’t any bands like us.

Ah, that’s unfortunate, so, how did you guys get together as a group?

Remy (guitar) and Martijn (vocals) were working on a different project together but wrote a nu metal song just for the fun. After some great response from our friends we decided to write more demos. Remy played in a different band with Wilmar (bassist) and Jessy (drums). So it wasn’t that hard to get them involved. Mitchel (sampler) also made electronic music with Remy and Martijn.

Where did the name Frontstreet come from?

Frontstreet is literally translated from Voorstraat which is a sketchy neighbourhood in Lelystad. Remy lives on this street and this is where we write and record our music.

Haha, well that is one way to get a name. So, if you had to pick what’s the most interesting thing that’s happened whilst on tour/at a show?

Our favourite story probably was when we were all going about our days as normal, at work (or whatever they were doing) and we got a call if we wanted to open up for Hollywood Undead later that day. Their support band cancelled the show so we were able to fill in for them. This was one of the best shows we ever played.

So, what’s next for the band? Any upcoming tours/releases?

We’re working on new music at the moment. We’ll let you know when it’s out.

If you could play with any act who would it be?

It would be insane to play a show with Korn.

For someone who’s never heard Frontstreet before, which of your tracks would sum up the band perfectly?

The vibe of Nocturnal really shows what we have in store.

What’s the writing process like for you guys? Collaborative, one or two guys do most of the work? Start with lyrics or music etc

Most of the time Remy writes some demos. We’ll pick our favorites, and from there we share ideas. It depends who has some ideas to add changer to the demo. The lyrics come at the end. Martijn prefers to have a song finished. It creates a vibe where the lyrics can be based on.

Who has the most embarrassing guilty pleasure song and what is it?
Everyone has at least one right? Here’s ours;

Remy – Seal – Kiss from a Rose
Jessy – Lil Kleine & Ronnie Flex Drank en drugs
Wilmar – Scooter – One
Mits – Gwen Stefanie – Hollaback Girl
Martijn – Adje – Coño

And seeing as it’s their track of choice check out Frontstreet – Nocturnal


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