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If we were lucky enough to sift through legendary guitarist Brian May’s (Queen) collection of oddities, then we might be lucky enough to come upon his unique collection of vintage demonic stereo cards from late Victorian France, which served as inspiration to his 2014 Halloween release of the 3D animated short One Night In Hell.

One Night In Hell was adapted from the book, Diableries: Stereoscopic Adventures in Hell by Brian May, Denis Pellerin and Paula Fleming.HELL 1

The film is currently being showcased as the main attraction at Universal Studios for “Halloween Horror Nights 2015”; the film is a devilishly exact 6 minutes and 66 seconds long!

Chatting with HuffingtonPost.co.uk, May reacted joyously at the awesome interactive display, “I’m devilishly happy that our demonic short film One Night in Hell is to feature at Universal Studios— generating a new kind of Halloween Havoc !! It Rocks !!! It jives ! It’ll rattle yer bones!”

Published in Paris in the 1860s, the delicate handheld slides are meant to be viewed through a stereoscope summoning a 3D effect. The images, titled Diableries, feature scenes depicting demons, skeletons, and The Devil himself participating in everyday earthly activities with a comedic macabre twist hinting that the crew of ghouls are never up to any good — and enjoying it.

May teamed up with writers/directors Jason Jameson and James Hall, of the award-winning production company Unanico Group, to create this ground-breaking animation to recreate in motion and sound what was brought to life over 100 years ago in a way never experienced before.

“I’m hoping people will see it and just take it at face value and smile and get into,” said May to Sky.com. “But I think it will also trigger something in them. I’m hoping they will want to get back into the 1860s and see where this stuff comes from.”

The score, played by The Czech National Symphony Orchestra, is best defined as an elegantly superimposed arrangement of Tchaikovsky’s “1812 Overture” and Queen’s classic anthem “We Will Rock You”. The accompaniment follows the story of a skeleton whose journey into Hell grants him the opportunity to play lead guitar in a demonic orchestral performance conducted by Satan.

May is also responsible for the classic film soundtrack for Flash Gordon, which was released in December of 1980 by Queen.

The showcase will end on November 1. You can check out the official video here on Rock My World:

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