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The Offspring and 311 kick Off Their Co-Headlining Tour


Two of the 90’s biggest bands will be hitting the road together this summer. The Offspring and 311 kicked off their Never-Ending Summer co-headlining tour last tonight in Mountain View, California.  

The bill may look a bit strange, a punk band in The Offspring, and 311’s Sublime type reggae feel, but the bands themselves feel they have a lot in common musically.

311 front-man Nick Hexum told ABC Radio: “We have a similar attitude, a good, fun-loving attitude.”

Let’s face it, both bands are suckers for good melodies.

Hexum said: “The…bang-for-your-buck that you can get for melodies between these two bands is as good as it gets.”

Both bands have had quite a few hits over the years. But the Offspring’s guitarist Noodles, explained that he’s noticed one song in particular that still really resonates with the fans.

Noodles explained: “I’ve noticed lately ‘The Kids Aren’t Alright’ really…people [are] just like, ‘Yes!'” adding: “It’s kind of a serious song, so the look on their face is really earnest, and they’re just stoked that we’re playing it.”

He also talked about the bands set-list, explaining that even with the mass of material they have accumulated over the years: “We usually end with ‘Self Esteem,'” said Noodles: “Usually, not always, but we usually end with ‘Self Esteem.’ That’s more of a fun one where everyone just jumps up and down.”

Alas,The Never-Ending Summer tourdoes have an end, the last show on the tour will be September 9th in Wichita, Kansas.

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